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PVR Won't Delete Recording (Ignite TV)

I've Been Here Awhile

I was at an appointment and tried to download an episode of a show (Chicago Fire) recorded on my PVR to my phone. The app froze and I had to reboot my phone. Decided to just watch the show instead of downloading first.

Got home, tried to delete recording from PVR but getting a message "Downloaded to another device" then then show info and "It must be returned to your PVR before you can delete it".

Problem... It doesn't show up in downloads on my phone. When I try to access it from my phone it says I already downloaded it on another device (except that device listed is my phone so it is like it thinks so have two of the same phone, but I don't and nobody else in my family has the same (S21 Ultra) phone as I do).

I like a tidy PVR. I don't want to lose my other recordings but I want to erase this one because I already watched it. Help please!



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Re: PVR Won't Delete Recording (Ignite TV)

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@BaseballMama  I have run into a similar problem before.  If I remember correctly, I fixed this by launching the mobile app, then going into Settings / Manage Devices / Devices with Downloads.

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