XR15 Remote - Control TV Power & Receiver

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XR15 Remote - Control TV Power & Receiver

Hello All,

I'm trying to configure my XR15 remote to Control the TV Power (ONLY) and adjust the VOLUME via my Sony AV Receiver.


My Setup:

LG TV 4K - connected directly to Ignite modem, my receiver doesn't support 4K passthrough, so I connect directly to the modem. Then, I have an OPTICAL OUT from TV back to receiver to feed audio into the Receiver. Works fine.


BUT I cant seem to have the XR15 remote control the power for all components and control the VOLUME via receiver. I can setup to control RECEIVER, but then I cant control the power for TV. When the TV power works, I can't control the volume.


When I try to pair to both devices, the auto setup hangs when looking for the second device setup....

Has anyone been able to configure 2 devices?




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Re: XR15 Remote - Control TV Power & Receiver

@daedwards14 : Have you tried using the appropriate codes for your devices from the setup instructions at the following website?




It should work by putting in the make/model of the TV and the make/model of the audio device.