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Ignite TV - 4K Channel - LG OLED TV

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Watch out for this problem tuning into a 4K channel with Ignite TV.


I had no choice but to upgrade to Rogers WiFi IGNITE system when I moved this past April. I had a PVR that worked great but Rogers isn't updating it anymore so IGNITE it is. Anyway over a week ago I was channel surfing and clicked on channel 515 which is a 4K HD channel. I selected it and POOF my little black TV box died. I tried rebooting several times but all I would get is the WELCOME screen and then NO SIGNAL ( I have a three year old LG OLED tv btw so the TV is fine). Scheduled a tech to arrive the next day to installed a NEW tv box and everything worked...until today when I clicked on the SAME channel 515 and box died again...Called Tech support and told them the story. They rebooted the modem and we rebooted the tv box AGAIN and tried another HDMI input to the TV...same thing. Made ANOTHER appointment to have a tech come  but in the meantime I thought I'd replaced the power AND HDMI cable that came with the TV box just to see what would happen...

    Well when I replaced both cables I rebooted the TV box and EVERYTHING came back to life...I got my signal back....So I don't know why BUT I think the HDMI gets fried somehow when I select station 515.

   So be aware of this problem in case this happens to you.


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Re: Ignite TV - 4K Channel - LG OLED TV

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Resident Expert

Although conjecture on my part, I don't believe the boxes or cables are failing. They are simply sending a signal to the TV that the TV doesn't like - the handshake between the box and TV is not going well, hence sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


What is the exact model of the TV?

Is it a 4K TV?

Have you tried the other 4K channels like SportsNet (997), 996, 982?

Have you tried a different port on the TV labelled as 30Hz instead of 60?

What setting are you using for video output on the IgniteTV box?


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