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Deco M5 (or any MESH) with Ignite

I've Been Here Awhile

Planning on upgrading my Digital boxes for Ignite TV & Internet.  Based on my research, I need to leave Wi-FI on for TV.  I am just hoping to connect Deco M5 to one of the ethernet ports without setting it to "Bridge" mode.


Speed is not really a concern because I want to control traffic and it currently works great so far (non bridge) mode when using this older router.


Has anyone had any issues so far with this type of setup:



I know that you can setup Bridge mode and get the Ignite TVs to connect to the "Mesh" routers but I am hoping to keep it 'default' to Rogers.




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Re: Deco M5 (or any MESH) with Ignite


Hello, @echodigital


Thank you for posting your inquiry to the community.


Are there any users in the community that are familiar with Deco M5 that can assist the OP? 



Re: Deco M5 (or any MESH) with Ignite

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

How do you currently have your Deco M5 mesh configured?  Are you using it in "Router" mode or "AP Mode"?


It is technically possible to disable the internal WiFi on an Ignite gateway and connect an external Wi-Fi mesh that runs in Access Point mode.  Many years ago, before Rogers offered Ignite Pods, they provided customers with eero WiFi mesh networks... and Ignite TV works great in this configuration.  I have also tested with other consumer mesh networks and business-grade Wi-Fi Access Points and have not experienced any issues with Ignite TV.  I can't foresee any issues with running your Deco M5 in a similar configuration.  The only problem with running Ignite TV over any 3rd-party network hardware is getting support from Rogers.  If your setup works, great.  However, if you run into any technical issues with the service, you may need to revert back to a Rogers-supported configuration before Rogers will troubleshoot the problem.

Re: Deco M5 (or any MESH) with Ignite

I've Been Here Awhile

My current setup is super simple.   Modem connected ethernet port to 1 deco M5 unit.  Then 2 other units on each floor.  I have not setup any thing special.  I tried to keep it simple.  In fact, I still have the older Rogers Wi-Fi is still on just in case (backup Wi-Fi).  All units are not showing the SSIDs.

Re: Deco M5 (or any MESH) with Ignite

I've Been Here Awhile
I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong but we recently moved snd moved our Rogers Ignite with us.
Our problem was thst the previous owner's setup was in the basement rec-room.
So 2 Tvs in the house connected but the wifi could not reach the workshop so I bought the Deco. Came with 3 .
Connect the main to the Ignite via ethernet cable to be close to the basement stairs. The other 2 on the main floor scattered half way bedroom office and the last near the patio doors.
Created a second network. Wow. Getting wifi in the workshop outside connected to that network.
Now my concern was to see if I could connect a tv to the mesh network.
I plugged it in connected the Rogers box to the discovered mesh network. "Voila" tv works.
No changes at all to the Rogers modem.
Congestion hasn't been an issue so far.
A couple of smart things "Nest" on the mesh as well.
Used everything default out of the box other than created the mesh network SSID and password.
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