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Rogers Home and Away Online Manager (New Glitch)

I'm a trusted contributor

I decided to log into Rogers Home and Away Online Manager today to update and add a new number to our call block list. You can imagine my surprise when I looked at the "unwanted callers list" and noticed that for every single one of the 30 numbers we have added to our list that every single name was now gone. I had a list of 30 phone numbers with not a single name! So now I move on to my contact list. This is the list of numbers where you can program a special ring so that they are instantly recognized when the phone rings as an important caller. Guess what! Every single name was gone. Fortunately, for this list I was able to edit the list and add the names back. As for the unwanted callers, the only solution was to delete all 30 numbers and start over! You see, when I get an unwanted, unsolicted phone call, I Google the number to find out if it is a junk caller, and if so, I add it the list along with the name. Without the name, the list of numbers became redundant. 


Oh, and I am further reminded that when accessing Rogers Home and Away Online Manager that there is a link on that page to "Check Voicemail Online". I click on that link and what do you know, it takes me to a page that says: 

Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)


Is there anything with Rogers that actually works correctly anymore? 


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Re: Rogers Home and Away Online Manager (New Glitch)

Good day @Chrissi10,

Welcome to the Rogers Community! Thanks for letting us know about the problem you're experiencing with blocking a number. 

We certainly want to provide you with the assistance you need, especially if you tried chatting with one of our representatives to no avail.

Could you elaborate on the nature of the issue you encountered?

For example, are you getting an error message?

If you could tell us about the troubleshooting steps you've gone through so far, it would also help us rule out what could potentially be the root-cause of the problem.

Looking forward to your reply!


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