Ignite Home Phone Not Working

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Ignite Home Phone Not Working

Why is my home phone not working?



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Re: Ignite Home Phone Not Working

@Mmm19  Welcome to the Community.  Which jack are you connecting to on the Ignite gateway?  Only the "Tel 1" jack is active.  Do you have a simple old-fashioned corded telephone that you can connect directly to the Ignite gateway to test with?  If you do not get a dial tone, try restarting your Ignite gateway by power-cycling it.


For more information on the installation procedure for Ignite Home Phone, go to: https://www.rogers.com/customer/support/article/how-to-setup-ignite-home-phone


If you still cannot get a dial tone, ask the @CommunityHelps  team to investigate by sending them a private message.


Best of luck with your troubleshooting and in getting this issue resolved quickly.