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We know how important it is to create a safe, viewing experience for your family. To help you manage and access age-appropriate content on Ignite TV, we’ve enhanced our Parental Controls


We highly recommend that parents and guardians enable a Parental Control Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a Purchase PIN. Additional settings are available to ensure your family has the viewing experience it expects, including access to sensitive content and On-Demand Purchases.


Additional tools to support you:

  • Common Sense Scores: a tool that displays the age-appropriateness of TV shows and movies to the right of the program title.
  • Parental Guide: provides program descriptions and when available, the program’s rating.
  • Parental Control Levels: let’s you choose an appropriate safety level for your child’s age and the content that is best suited to them. The Parental Control PIN must be entered before any content above the selected age range can be watched.
  • Safe Browse: provides an extra layer of sensitive content blocking protection with three different options: Low, Medium, and High. This feature will block or remove content from appearing in searches or menus.
  • Safe Search: prevents the display of titles, programs, movies, and menus that may be sensitive to some viewers.
  • Content Locks: allows specific content to be locked and require the Parental Control PIN to access this content. Choose from multiple lock options: Movie or TV Rating, Channel Lock, Title Lock, On Demand Lock and Application Lock.