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Hey Community,


Starting May 23, business customers can now activate an Apple Watch on their account. All business customers, (from Small Business to Enterprise), will no longer need to migrate to a Consumer account in order to use the Apple Watch. 


You must have WiFi/VoLTE Calling added to your line in order to be eligible for Apple Watch. You can enable, activate and pair your Apple Watch using self-serve.


Activating an Apple Watch on a CTN via Self-Serve requires that you:

  1. Enable the telephone number for Apple Watch use. (Account Holders and Business Authorized Contacts Level 1 can control which users can link an Apple Watch to their CTN).
  2. Pair and Activate the Apple Watch through the iPhone application.


New Apple Watch Price Plan

You can activate on one of the below plans. Only small business customers who complete a new activation of an Apple Watch are eligible for a $10 discount for one month.


Small Business Pricing

Corporate Pricing

Share Everything for Business

Non-Shared (Standalone)

  • $10 to add to Share-Everything
  • 1 month free for new activations
  • $10 standalone (non-share)
  • 1 month free for new activations
  • 1GB non-shared bonus
  • $10 for data-sharing plan
    • No free months
    • No bonus data
  • $20 for data only plan
    • No free months
    • 1GB of non-shared data


For more information, visit this page.

I plan to stick around

I thought it was a dream, then I pinched myself. I called my Rogers Business Support rep today to ask about Apple Watch for business and he told me it would be under Products & Services in our BSS portal. He was not lying.




Now to contact some users and give them the good news...

I've been visiting

Well in 2020 Rogers support seems to have forgotten how to set this up. On the phone for 1.5 hours so far and they say they’ll “send me an eSim”! 

eSims are embedded in the watch by definition, so they’re lost... which me luck.