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Text messages not received from one contact

I've been here awhile

My wife has a Blackberry Q10.

She receives text messages from all contacts but one.

For that one person, if she starts to draft a message to that contact suddenly all the texts that this contact sent her appear.

But they will not appear until she starts to draft a text to that contact.
Nor is a notification recieved that texts were sent to her from that contact.

She deleted the contact and readded to her phone.

The phone has been upgraded to latest patches and such and of course has been restarted.
What else can be done to fix this?






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Re: Text messages not received from one contact

I've been here awhile

This is happening to my BBQ10 also but i could only end chat once. Now the rest is still there but i can not end any other texts. I am not a computer wiz so I am not even sure i want to try a factory reset for fear of loosing stuff and not being able to re add. It too is my most used contact.

Re: Text messages not received from one contact

Good day @wollyp,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!

Experiencing issues with text messaging is definitely a pain to deal with.


While you may not want to go ahead with the factory reset of your device just yet, I might recommend that you check out @Palladin12 's solution, posted as message 20 of 22.


His issue was that his text conversations were becoming too large. He suggests that you go into the conversation, and "Clear Chat", which deletes the message history and the problem.

It might take a little while but it did solve the issue for him. Briefly, he specified that you should not delete the conversation but that you should "Clear Chat" to delete the chat history.


If this does not solve the problem you're experiencing, I would recommend you to verify that your OS is up to date.


In order to ensure you do not lose anything after performing a factory reset, you need to make a back up of your phone content beforehand.


Hope this helps!



Re: Text messages not received from one contact

I've been here awhile



I did delete the Chat but it ended up only deleting one.  The option is not not available to delete the rest of the Chat.  The Chat icon is not highlighted. I just recently had an update and checked for other updates too and there was nothing further to update.  I am just not computer/cell savvy and know that when I factory reset that I will have no clue how to add what has been removed.  This is pretty much why I have the dinosaur Blackberry Q10.  It is pretty simple and I have gotten used to it.  lol  It seems like it is an issue that has happened to alot of people.  Some have tried the factory reset and it has not worked for them from what I have read when i search the issue.  Not sure if there are any other options out there other then a factory reset?

Re: Text messages not received from one contact

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

You can try the following steps and see if that helps delete the full conversation: 

  1. From the home screen, swipe to and tap Text Messages.
  2. Tap and hold the preferred message thread.
  3. Tap the Delete icon.
  4. Tap End chat.
  5. You've now deleted the message thread.

If not then a factory reset might help, but before you do a factory reset, what I would recommend is to google "how to back up Q10 and do a factory reset". You should be able to find even videos which will walk you through the process of connecting your device with a USB to a computer and then back up your information so after the factory reset you can basically restore all your information from your back up. 

Re: Text messages not received from one contact

I've been here awhile
Hi, thanks for the response. I tried the hit the End Chat before and it only removed the last text message and then the icon "End Chat" was no longer lit so I couldn't click it again. A few days later I went to see if I could press it again and surprise, surprise it was lit so I clicked on it and it cleared my full text messages from the person whom I could not receive anymore texts. Then it started working normally and receiving texts. It sounds like it is an overload of texts and needs to be cleared out. My problem was that it would allow me to could not delete them before. Hopefully it will eventually work for others with the same problem

Re: Text messages not received from one contact

I've been around

I've cleared all my chats, ended all my chats, restarted my phone, checked my OS and it's still not working.  I'm trying to avoid a factory reset if I can help it.  Any other suggestions???  

Re: Text messages not received from one contact

Good evening @mbanic,


Welcome the the Rogers Community!

Thanks for posting your concern. I can imagine the inconveniences this issue must cause.

Were you able to resolve your issue since you posted?


Why are you not willing to perform the factory reset? It often helps with problems, if you were unable to rectify them after going through the basic steps.

Just remember to do a back up before doing so to ensure you do not lose your data.



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