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Phone switching to Roaming

I've been here awhile

Whenever I go underground or am in a building my phone goes roaming for inconsistent amounts of time. I'm sitting on my cpu connected to wifi, yet I'm out of my coverage area? This is getting ridiculous, sitting at home and roaming has been up for several hours now


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Re: Phone switching to Roaming

Hello @KNet,


Thanks for joining the Rogers Community and congrats on your first post!


I can understand how much of a pain it can be when you are experiencing poor cellular reception on your mobile devices especially if it's causing your calls to drop!


The way it works is your phone will connect to the nearest cell tower that is giving the strongest signal.

When you are near an international border - your phone by design will pick up the best cellular signal nearby although being on the "wrong" side of the border. This is a very common issue worldwide.


From what you have described it sounds like there could be an issue with the cell tower that is servicing your area. We have a really great tool to help report these types of issues whenever you are experiencing them. Please Click Here to access our Network-Aid tool, follow the prompts to report an issue in your area. The report you create will be sent off to our engineering teams to review and find a solution.


Wi-Fi calling to the rescue! Did you know that you can set up a feature called Wi-Fi calling which will pretty much allow you to do the same things you would over cellular? If you have WiFi nearby this will surely help!


Let us know if you have any trouble reporting this matter via Network Aid or getting Wi-Fi calling setup on your eligible devices and we'll be happy to assist!


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Kind Regards,


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