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NHL App not playing stream

I'm here a lot



So I'm having issues with my gamecentre live subscription on my Apple TV (3rd generation). And I'm at my wits end.


I'm able to log in but there is no streaming available. Here's my log in procedure;


Settings>Buy Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE>Existing Users-Sign in>Log In with MyRogers Account


I proceed to enter my login ID and password with no problems. But when I go to select "Today's Games/Scores" nothing happens, and I mean nothing. I click the select button once, nothing, twice, nothing, hold for awhile, nothing. I select "Video" and I get lot's of video snippets but no games. I select "Teams" and it takes me to a page that says "Team By Team" at the top but then "Error loading teams data: TypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating 'e[o].value.split(",")')" Below that it says "ok" and I click select for it to take me back to the main menu.


I have already tried logging out and logging back in. I've tried turning the apple tv off and on. I've tried restoring my apple tv (and now my wife is mad because she can't remember the netflix password). I even tried phoning rogers technical support and the person said it was becuase of blackout restrictions but this has to be bogus because I live in Saskatchewan and I couldn't get any of the games last night (Oct 12/16). Not one. I told her I was in Sk too and that was her only suggestion.


I tried looking on apples website where this info is shown for content provider support;


  • Available worldwide except in Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden
  • Subscription required
  • Billing, account, or technical support
  • Or call 866-210-6349 (North America) or 407-708-1356 (outside North America

I called both numbers and they rang busy signals after many, many attempts.


As you can see I've tried many different ways to figure this out and posting on here is my last ditch effort. I'm also a little confused by how to log in through my laptop. I go to and click Sign In at the top right corner. It takes me to but there is no place to actually enter my login and password. Is any body else getting this? How are people logging in? I go to to log in and it looks like I can watch old games but I haven't tried watching live games yet. I'm able to watch live on my phone but I really don't think that's practical when I've got friends over.


To be honest I'm a little dissapointed. Maybe it's because I've been watching all summer and there has been no issues. But this almost feels like because I don't actually have a rogers tv subscription that my gamecentre live subscription is just an after thought. I payed $180 for this so I don't have to get cable and watch commercials but I'm almost to the point of getting a refund. I get there's kinks but I'm not getting the technical support I feel I need.


Help please!!


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Re: NHL App not playing stream

Hello @Cpeters456!


Thanks for joining the Rogers Community Forums and congratulations on your very first post! We hope you like it here! 😄


The option to stream games on your Apple TV using the Rogers NHL LIVE app should be available. We definitely want your experience with the app to be as seamless and stress-free as possible! Are you able to get past the login section on your TV? Do you receive any specific error message?


You mentioned that you are able to mirror the games from your phone/tablet to your Apple TV. Are you also able to login to your account and stream games via a web browser at without any issue? Please give this a try and let us know.


I noticed that another user @newestguy also had the exact same issue and provided some feedback on how they were able to get it resolved. Please have a look HERE to see if it works for you as well!


Please keep the Community posted on the results!!


Kind regards,




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