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LTE with Redmi 5 plus

I've been here awhile

Hi I am using Redmi 5 Plus phone on Rogers Network but I am not getting LTE connection anywhere in Toronto. This phone is capable of LTE. It says 4G but not LTE.



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Re: LTE with Redmi 5 plus


Good evening @Umerqur,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community! 

If you are using a mobile phone that you have purchased outside of Canada or from a different carrier, you may be able to use it with Rogers as long as it is "unlocked".


Your device must be compatible with the Rogers network, which uses GSM, UMTS on 850 MHz (Band 5) and 1900 MHz (Band 2), and LTE on 700 MHz (Band 12/17), 1900 MHz (Band 2), 2600 MHz (Band 7), and 1700/2100 MHz AWS (Band 4). 


From the information I gathered, the only LTE band supported by your device is Band 7, 2600 MHz.


If you want to use your phone for web browsing or multimedia messaging (picture and video messaging), you'll also need to configure the APN and messaging settings.


The Rogers LTE APN Settings are:









MMS Proxy

MMS Port



Hope this helps!



Re: LTE with Redmi 5 plus

I've been here awhile
Thank you for the reply but sorry I am still confused. Since my phone supports band 7 (2600Mhz), then I should be seeing LTE speed on Rogers Network. Why is this not the case?

Re: LTE with Redmi 5 plus

I'm a reliable contributor

Hi There, 


if the settings provided by our resident expert Mod is not helping, I can shed some light.


3 things needs to be done to make sure you have access to LTE on the rogers network.

1. Sim card must be capable of supporting LTE. 

2. Account must be provisioned for LTE

3. Phone must be compliant with our network LTE frequencies.


SO what I would do first is confirm your sim is a VoLTE capable sim

then contact tech support to confirm your account is provisioned for LTE

then if all else fails, some devices even though they are capable of LTE or VoLTE 

may just not work on our network. Normally we guarantee compatibility with a rogers

device, but some Non rogers devices have not been able to get LTE.

What I would do is try the sim in another device, preferably a rogers device to see if you do get LTE.


Additionally, sometimes I see all of the above conditions met but the APN

still doesn't give LTE. 


I would put the username wap and the password wapuser1 in your apn, and it may force detection on the network. if your default APN is hard coded, and you cannot modify it, then create a new blank APN and fill in the information that was provided in the initial response, but also include the username and password i mentioned above.


🙂 Hope this helps


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