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Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

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I live in the Vancouver area and have a Rogers plan (obviously, since I'm posting here) but periodically, it will randomly go into Roaming mode. It seems to happen most when I'm at my office in West Vancouver but has happened elsewhere on the North Shore, in Vancouver, and other nearby areas. Why does this happen and is there anything I can do to prevent it? I don't want to wind up with roaming charges when I haven't gone anywhere at all.




Re: Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

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Hello @CatH15,


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I can definitely understand the concern with potential roaming charges. How often does this occur? Does your device displays EXT when roaming? EXT symbolizes that you are on our Extended Network which allows our users to connect to another providers network, free of charge, when the signal is weak or if you are out of the area.


Anyone else in the Community around that region experiencing similar issues?



Re: Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

I've been around

Hardware, your device is going to try to establish the best possible connection, sometimes there is interferance which can be debilitating to some mobile and wireless devices, you could try to power cycle your phone, doing that can resolve a lot of different issues, maybe even helping to push an update through, reset the network settings in your device, if that option specifically is available. Rogers EXT isn't such  scary thing anymore, Rogers pretty much has you covered as long as you're in Canada. Their fine print, pretty much says that as long as you're on the Rogers network more than half of the time, so it can still be a part of your routine at no extra charge, you just have to make sure that you're on the Rogers network most of the time.


Another possibility could be towers in your area, have you checked out network aid in your myrogers app?

Re: Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

We recently purchased and tore down our house in West Vancouver and are building a new one.  The cellular service is terrible and my concern is that it won't improve until we report the issue.  Please confirm next steps.  Regards from a 25-year Rogers customer.

Re: Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

Good morning @achagani1!


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Congratulations on your new house! I am sorry to hear that the reception in the area isn't the greatest. In this case, you can report poor reception problems through the MyRogers app through NetworkAid. If you tap the three lines at the top left, then Help & Support, you should see NetworkAid in the list.




Re: Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

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how do i report network reception issues? It has been an ongoing issue where we have very poor call quality in west vancouver on the Rogers network. I would like to see if we can have it investigated to improve the quality. Every time anyone at this location make a call the person on the other side has a hard time hearing. 


Please advise.



Re: Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

Hello and welcome to the Community @GM3,


I realize how important reliable service is, if you wish to report a network issue please refer to RogersCorey's post right above your post.





Re: Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

I've been around

I have been a loyal Rogers customer for over 30 years. The cell coverage in the British Properties in West Vancouver is beyond terrible. My wife and I have calls regularly dropped while driving anywhere above the highway. It is worse in our house. Service has seriously deteriorated over the years- not sure why? I am very close to moving our family plan to Telus or Bell. What is wrong with this company??? Can they not add any cell towers?

Re: Cell Phone Reception in West Vancouver

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It looks like the British Properties isn't much better with Telus (Bell would be using their deal with Telus) and appears the area is a pretty big dead spot.

In addition to the carrier network maps, I use use a website (and app) that has a location of all towers! I have found this to be incredibly helpful when trying to diagnostic issues that arise. It allows me to see where the towers are and what could be blocking the signal between.

But as I said above, it appears the British Properties is a deadzone for both networks. From what I see there is one tower near the top, but it could be grabbing from across Capilano.
I know Telus has  been going big with installing microcells to lamp standards across all of BC (the map also shows they've been busy in Lynn Valley) but until then I doubt you'd have better coverage with coverage where you are.

There is another option though, which I would recommend... I would recommend (if you're phone is eligible) enabling WiFi Calling. If you're phone is not eligible then to look at a device that is! (unfortunately, outside the iPhone and Pixel 2 devices, you have to buy the device from Rogers)

I've been using WiFi Calling on my Pixel 2 since February/March and am very pleased with it's performance.

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