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Android 9 on Pixel XL causing constant restarts on device. Known issue

I've been here awhile



Straight to the point; I have a first generation pixel XL that just recently updated to Android 9.0. Since the update, the device will  restart several times a day, and at least once overnight resulting in alarms playing default tones waking the house up, and the device being unreliable. 


Google says to contact the retailer for support, and it looks like many people are doing RMA's as it's a known issue. Troubleshooting by using safe mode, diagnostic software, and a few other things. But still encountering the exact same known issue.


Would love an inbox message about this as calling in on the device with the possibility of it restarting while waiting on hold isn't my idea of a good time.





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Re: Android 9 on Pixel XL causing constant restarts on device. Known issue


Hello @kirbybrush,


Thank you for posting your situation to the Community.


Having to use a device that is unreliable can be more than an inconvenience - it can be a real problem! 

We know you depend on your wireless phone to keep you connected. 


Have you had the device for over a year? If not, it might still be covered by the manufacturer warranty.


You can check the warranty on your phone here.


Since noticing the issue, have you tried to perform a factory reset on your device?


If calling is not ideal for you, keep in mind that you can use the Live Chat feature to reach our Technical Support team.


Keep us posted!



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