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Cannot enable wi-fi calling (eSIM + SIM config)

I've been around

Hi all,


Just became Rogers customer yesterday and got an eSIM with one of Rogers Infinite plans. Everything works great, getting 5G signal, etc etc. 


Rogers is an eSIM and I also have a physical Koodo SIM installed. I can enable and use wi-fi calling on Koodo without any issues.


But I cannot enable wi-fi calling on Rogers. It says contact Rogers when I tried to do so. I contacted support, they added my IMEI to their system. I restarted the phone numerous times, tried removing the Koodo SIM card, tried switching Rogers as my primary SIM — nothing helped.


Also when I place calls on Rogers, the voice quality is considerably lower than on Koodo. I was on wi-fi calling with Koodo, maybe that’s the reason.


Please help enabling wi-fi calling on Rogers eSIM. Thanks!



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Re: Cannot enable wi-fi calling (eSIM + SIM config)


Good day @Bittabola,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for posting about your WiFi Calling activation problem. We most definitely want to help you in reaching a resolution.


To use WiFi Calling, you will need the following:

  • A monthly postpaid voice and LTE data wireless plan. Prepaid customers can’t use WiFi Calling.
  • An LTE SIM installed in your device.
  • A recent iPhone model with the latest iOS installed - remember to update your carrier settings when prompted to do so at the end of the OS installation.

Your compatible device must have been purchased from Rogers. If you have a non-Rogers iPhone and no conflicting services, WiFi Calling may work, but we can’t ensure that the feature will work properly on your device.


If you’re still having trouble activating the WiFi Calling feature, please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with our private messaging system, click here!



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