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set up wi-fi calling

I just ported from shaw to Rogers - I have no cell service in the area I live - I need to have internet calling and receiving. I found the form to fill out on my iphone I filled out address etc. - however it keeps telling me to try again later. It is...

Resolved! Rogers Unable to Enable Wifi Calling

I ported to Rogers yesterday with my iPhone 13 Pro (purchased directly from Apple) and I'm unable to enable Wifi calling. When I turn it on via the Phone settings menu, I get a message to contact Rogers to enable wifi calling on this account. I've do...

Unable to turn on Wifi Calling iPhone 13 Pro

I’ve been trying for days now to connect to Wifi Calling with no success. Where I am (Grenada), will not let me dial out on any carrier saying “I’m not allowed”. When I try and turn on the Wifi Calling, it gives me this message “ We're currently proc...

dxb4889 by I've been here awhile
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Wi-Fi calling

If I am travelling in the United States and I’m in a hotel and I’m on Wi-Fi and I have Wi-Fi calling turned on my iPhone,may I use my phone without incurring long-distance for phone calls charges? Can I receive phone from Canada?

Oscar9 by I've been here awhile
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Cannot enable wi-fi calling (eSIM + SIM config)

Hi all,   Just became Rogers customer yesterday and got an eSIM with one of Rogers Infinite plans. Everything works great, getting 5G signal, etc etc.    Rogers is an eSIM and I also have a physical Koodo SIM installed. I can enable and use wi-fi cal...

Bittabola by I've been around
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Resolved! Wifi Calling /Wifi Assist

Wifi-assist is buggy.At first, wifi-assist worked perfectly. If you left wifi on, it would connect to the wifi signal seamlessly even though you were not in Airplane mode.Lately, however, it's not working as it should. It occasionally connects normal...

Hmm by I'm a regular
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Calls on secondary sim going to voice mail on dual sim iPhone XR

I have an unlocked iPhone XR and had my Rogers sim moved to my e sim at Yorkdale Mall. I am now in Europe with a Three pay as you go SIM card in my physical sim bay.  I have Three as my primary sim, and Rogers as secondary. It works well, however my ...

Aquazoo by I've been here awhile
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