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Apple Watch Upgrade

I plan to stick around

I've upgraded my phone many times over the years and had no issue with the process and this is the first time trying to upgrade an Apple Watch.


Is there a rep here who can confirm that the only way to upgrade an Apple Watch is to first add a new line and then cancel the old line? Apparently, I've ran out of lines and I'm in a 'pending approval' state so that Rogers can add a new line and then immediately remove the old line after the upgrade 😑.


It's been a couple days now dealing with this at the Rogers Store with no avail ☹️.


Any information will be appreciated! Thanks!




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Re: Apple Watch Upgrade


Good day @aj_12,


Thanks for posting the details of your situation to the Community!


If you've upgraded your Apple Watch and you're wondering how to move your smartwatch plan from the existing Apple Watch to the new one, follow these steps:


1. Unlink your existing Apple Watch by following these instructions.
2. Pair your iPhone to your new Apple Watch using Bluetooth.
3. Link your existing smartwatch plan to your new Apple Watch by following these instructions.


You can share your Rogers smartphone number with one Apple Watch at a time. Therefore, you cannot have both of them active simultaneously linked to the same iPhone.


Let us know if you have questions or if you encounter any issues!



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