Apple Watch LTE Support for Rogers Business

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Re: Apple Watch LTE Support for Rogers Business

Ported to Rogers Business from Koodo only because of apple watch support, otherwise why would i pay more for less data. But after finding out that Rogers so much behind in adopting new technologies. Called telus and got great retention offer. Luckily Telus has no restrictions on Apple watch esim support. 

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Re: Apple Watch LTE Support for Rogers Business

Just called rogers customer service and got hung up on twice. Literally the worst customer service possible. Made a huge regrettable decision of switching over from Bell. Now they won't allow me to activate my apple watch on a business plan. It's literally on the same network. How does it make sense that business users don't have the same options as regular comsumers? Enough of this and terrible customer service Rogers. 

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Re: Apple Watch LTE Support for Rogers Business

Hello, @nguyen56.


Thank you for joining the Rogers Community Forums and for posting in the Community. We definitely strive to provide world class customer service experience; getting hung up is certainly disappointing. Please be assured any such incidents are flagged by the system and necessary action is taken. 


Thank you for your interest in Apple Watch LTE for business; please keep an eye on for updates on our products and services.


Thank you for understanding!




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Re: Apple Watch LTE Support for Rogers Business

I had the same experience. I called twice and was promised an escalation / callback but in both cases the agent just closed my ticket. I never received a follow up or anything.

I have given up. Will move away from Rogers as soon as possible.
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Re: Apple Watch LTE Support for Rogers Business

I am so frustrated.   i had had enough and was done talking about it and was going to switch providers.  i spent 3 hours on the phone with what i had thought was going to be my new provider, most of that time was spent on hold waiting.   Needles to say, i am still with rogers and even more frustrated


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Re: Apple Watch LTE Support for Rogers Business

Getting tired of waiting.  How can one company be SO FAR BEHIND another?  It's not like we have a lot of choices in Canada.  Rogers needs to come clean and tell their customers exactly WHEN we can expect wireless for Apple Watch to be available for business accounts - or if they ever will.  Personally, that is all I want - give me a date.  The longer people don't know, the more likely they will leave.  Customers want certainty.  Time to sell my Rogers shares I

@dhiru1211 wrote:

I have 2 lines with Rogers Business and I would like to know if Apple watch LTE will be supported to rogers business too.

If no, when can we expect Apple Watch LTE support for Rogers Business Account holders??


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