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Apple Watch Data Options

I've been around

Tried adding Apple Watch to my the infinite plan that I’ve upgraded to and it stills only offers me the regular $10 plan with 1GB of data when I try to connect my Apple Watch.


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Re: Apple Watch Data Options


Good morning and welcome to the Community @hjm16,


You've come to the right place! A smartwatch plan gives you the freedom to stay connected with just your watch. Typically pairing and unpairing can resolve this issue for you. You can find the step by step instructions here


Once you've successfully completed the unpair/pair, please let us know if you're still unable to view sharing plan options during the set up. You can do so by reaching out to us via PM @CommunityHelps. You can learn more about our PM system here





Re: Apple Watch Data Options

I've been around
Hello. I am having the same issue as a new rogers customer. When trying to add a cellular plan to my Apple Watch I only receive an option to add a 1GB plan. It does not mention anywhere that my watch will share the data from my infinite plan. How do I known if this 1GB will become part of my shared data and that the Watch will have access to all of the data on my account? Please clarify.

Re: Apple Watch Data Options

I plan to stick around

I have the data plan on my Ultra and I know that when I set it up it was the same thing. 1GB was showing; however, when I spoke to an agent, I'm 99% certain that he said that it shows 1GB, but it will be associated to your infinite plan. 

So far, I haven't come near to my 1GB and I mostly only use it when I'm out and about in the yard or when I go for a walk, so maybe 1 to 2hrs a day away from my phone. 

Joel Gallant
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