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eSIM error after scanning QR code — iOS

I'm a senior enthusiast

So my iPhone 13 supports eSIM and I am doing all this over wifi (let's get this straight first and foremost).


Having successfully converted physical SIM to eSIM seamlessly with other providers, I never encountered such an issue and blatant, terrible lack of information and ambiguity with this process with Rogers. 


After navigating to the change my SIM section in my account portal. I select eSIM. I follow the instructions:


  • Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Scan the QR code using the camera on your eSIM-compatible device.

I scan the QR code. Then my iPhone is trying to activate the eSIM, but it's hanging. 


The messaging by Rogers portal (see pics) is very ambambiguous and unhelpful. All it says is to "check device settings that you successfully scanned the QR code (if you click on the "i" circle. But the tick box only has the option for I've successfully scanned the QR code with my device".


What the heck does successfully scanned the QR code mean? Of course, I successfully scanned the QR code. My iPhone saw it and tried to process it. But the activation process is in a loop. 

I'm now still using my physical SIM, btw. Thankfully it's not affected. 
I'm frustrated right now as you can tell.


Here's what's supposed to happen, based on my experiences with other providers: I scan the QR code via Wi-Fi, and then Apple authenticates it on my iPhone, and that's it – easy peasy.


But with Rogers, my iPhone 13 is stuck at "Activating..." in the Cellular Settings section, and I can't figure out how to delete the eSIM it's trying to activate.


The Rogers process mentions the migration from physical SIM to eSIM consists of three steps for activation, but there's no tutorial, what are the steps,  or info on possible issues and how to resolve them. The lack of transparency is baffling.


It seems like the eSIM transfer process is more of a deterrent than a convenience. The people who created that web page should be ashamed and reprimanded. They put no thought into the eSIM conversion process.


Rogers needs to get their act together. I'm going to bring this up to the Office of the President in the second week of January when I have a telephone conference with them.


Edit:  To delete hanging eSIMs, you: Go to Settings → General →Transfer or Reset Phone → Reset → Remove all eSIMs. Try this a few times until it's gone. You may need to "update your contacts" to use the default eSIM.


Screenshot 2024-01-01 011431.jpg

QR Code section removedQR Code section removed














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Re: eSIM error after scanning QR code — iOS


Thank you for your feedback @Hmm.


I see that you were successfully able to delete the stuck eSIM. Have you been able to successfully activate it since you last posted?




Re: eSIM error after scanning QR code — iOS

I've been around

Thank you!!!

Re: eSIM error after scanning QR code — iOS

I'm a senior enthusiast


I appreciate the follow-up, but no. I wasn't successful. I reverted back to physical SIM. The solution was to wipe (ALL) my eSIMs. There was no option to choose the "hanging" or unresponsive eSIM.  


Users can only remove an activate eSIM, meaning it has to have bee properly authenticated. If it fails to activate for whatever reason then you must delete ALL your eSIMs. I don't know how in the USA they manage but I bet AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and more must be inundated with support calls around eSIM.

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