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What number do you call for Ignite TV billing questions

I've been here awhile

Good day
So I moved my Rogers TV and Home Internet to Rogers Ignite a few weeks ago
My bill has arrived and there is a line item that says `Cable Balance Transfer`

So I called the Rogers 1 number as I have for years trying to find out what this charge is for

Was told a 14-19 min wait
No problem

at the 29 min mark the gentleman answers and says you have to call the Rogers Ignite phone number

I say...oh what is that

He puts me on hold for about 2 min and says, actually it is the same number as before, but I have to select Ignite TV option...but he can transfer me over but there is a wait
so as I wait I am typing this and I am not sure if this goes to Customer Service

so i pick up my work phone

first option is English

phone number confirmation (enter in my home number on my account)

choices are


tech support


account changes

moving questions


choose billing


then choices

account balance

credit card payment

payment arrangement

usage details

travel related

more options press 6


choose 6

review recent payments

setup automatic payments

request a copy of last bill

questions on your bill


choose 4


let me put you through to a live agent


so NO where in there is there a reference to Ignite TV


PLEASE what is the Ignite TV phone number




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Re: What number do you call for Ignite TV billing questions


Good evening @MikeRiehl,


Welcome to the Community!


It's definitely a good idea to confirm unexpected charges on your invoice. When you migrate from legacy services to Ignite TV service there is a change to the billing system on our end. Depending on your bill cycle, if the changes were made mid cycle the Cable Balance Transfer amount on your bill covers the TV/internet charges that were due when the services were switched over. 


Please take a look at our Contact Us page to learn more about how to get in touch with us for Ignite customer service. Once you're on the page, please select the Billing & Payments tab under I want to contact Rogers about...


The link to Ignite TV Billing & Payment Inquiries chat is the last one under the Chat & Social Media option. On the right side you can also view the contact numbers under Call or Text Us.


Alternatively you can also reach out to us 24/7 via Twitter @RogersHelps or on


Hope this helps :)!






Re: What number do you call for Ignite TV billing questions

I've been here awhile

This doesn't answer the question. If we go to the aforementioned page, the numbers on the right are for regular services and NOT ignite thus resulting in another round of wait time to be connected to an Ignite agent. Can you please provide the DIRECT number to an Ignite agent (customer service preferably) in order to not go through the main line and wait another hour?

Re: What number do you call for Ignite TV billing questions

Its the same number as always.

I have been on ignite since day one, and always called the regular number.

I wasnt aware there was a difference, but there may be phone TECHS for ignite vs regular TV.

But billing should be the same as far as i am aware.  

I wonder, if its based on your account, that when you call it somehow knows that you have ignite and then puts you through to the right person.  
On a new account to ignite.. maybe its not fully flipped over that the system doesnt see it?

IF this was a switch over.. did any of you have a 'concierge'? (if they are still doing that)
They would be the first point of contact for the initial change over.

Re: What number do you call for Ignite TV billing questions

I've been here awhile

thanks for your posting
I typed the above as I was waiting just 2 hours and 9 min to get to a live person...guess I called on the wrong day


you are correct that everyone calls the main number


and sadly you have to go on hold twice
first for the Rogers main billing staff

who then switch you over to Ignite billing staff and wait on hold a second time
according to the nice online chat that I had while waiting for the live voice, not all Rogers staff are trained on the Ignite billing system
while that makes sense to have trained Ignite staff help you

Rogers should update the phone menus so you dont have to wait online for 2 plus hours
and as it turned out, the online chat person was pretty helpful
as we were wrapping up, the live voice came online and sadly 2 minutes into the call we were disconnected
Oh well

Re: What number do you call for Ignite TV billing questions

I've been here awhile

great response 🙂

Re: What number do you call for Ignite TV billing questions

I've been here awhile

It seem Rogers purposely provide no contact info so that you can give up getting help for the horrible poor quality of ignite internet and TV!  I have to call Rogers on a monthly basis to get them to do something.  They would say that they created a ticket and someone would contact me within 24 h and noone ever does.   So not only the quality is poor but so is the service.  


I had spoken to a tech support who told me that unless I connect to the internet by hardwire, I should not expect to receive good internet speed.  And here Rogers is promoting that with Ignite Internet, you can get excellent wifi internet anywhere through your whole house.  This is false advertising.

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