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Understanding my increased bill.

I've been here awhile

I have recently, switched from Rogers to another provider for both my phone and internet. 


The increased billing along with the amount of time to resolve questions with a live agent made me leave the service. I was a user for nearly 2 decades. I have left in December 2023 with a bill of 738.00, Yes, which was high and one of the reasons I had moved on to another provider. 


I have went through, as many others have some financial struggles with my job. Finally getting on my feet to handle the issue and I opened my bill to day where it reads 1489 dollars a nearly double increase since I had canceled. 


Some of the added costs were due to "unreturned modem", added late payment charges and even charging me for the usage, even after I had canceled. 


Obviously I could have been more proactive in tackling the bill, but I had mentioned to someone on the call that it would take up to a few months to pay in full. Now I am left with double the bill when I had canceled and have voicemails that they will be going to a collection agency, further effecting my ability to get back on my feet. 


Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can resolve this, and get any of the additional costs looked at to see if this was made in error. 


Thank you,





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Re: Understanding my increased bill.


Good afternoon @ME_and_YOU,


Welcome to the Community!


It's disappointing to learn that you've parted ways with us. I truly do understand that $1498 is a really high amount to pay off. The good news is, if part of the charges are due to unreturned equipment, you could have that amount refunded as long as you return the equipment in question.


Have you already done so? I would of course know more once I have accessed your account. I understand financial challenges too and would love to review your account and see if we're able to sort the billing out for you. Please send us a PM @CommunityHelps so we can assist you. Click here to get started. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.






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