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Transfer of Responsibility/ Contract Transfer not done properly

I've been around


Who can I speak to about the Transfer of Responsiblity on my account that my I have done back in Septmenber and yet it seems like its still a problem as I am being charge for the finance of my phone.


Back in the beginning of September, my family member had done a Transfer of Responsibility from me to them.  We ensure and checked with your agents that this can be done as I had a financing term on the phone I had and that the family member - my sister, can take over.   I know my sister spend a lot of time waiting and spent a lot of time with online Chat Agent and got this done and was told and ensured at that time, by a manager that the Transfer of Responsibility would be transferred from me to her on the remaining of my contract and financing obligation.  As far as I'm concern, everything is done as my account is cancelled.  However, I am being billed for the financing of the phone.  


I've reached out via Online Chat in the beginning of October and an agent said a ticket is created and this should get resolved within a few days and infact I should be getting a small credit back via cheque in the mail.  Now, I've recieved an email from billing saying I have an outstanding bill, cost of the financing of the phone.  Annoyingly, I reached out again via Online Chat, and this time the agent blamed me saying I knew that I would have to pay for the remaining cost of the phone and that I can not transfer financing contract to someone else. 


Through out this whole process, good thing it was via Online Chat, I have all the transcript from my conversation and my sister's conversation when she did the transfer and was told this can be done.  So why am I being billed for this.  Who can I take this up with?  This is not acceptable as it's already been over 2 months, which really was not complicated.  I had a contract with Rogers because I was financing a phone, I can no longer do the financing and someone else took over - Transfer of Responsibility.  Everything should be done and at every stage said it can be done.  Then Tammy, your agent blamed me saying that I knew financing cannot be transferred over????

I need to get in touch with someone higher up that can rectify this.



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Re: Transfer of Responsibility/ Contract Transfer not done properly


Hello @ken182,


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for sharing your concerns with us! 


I can definitely understand how this situation would leave you very confused and disappointed. That is certainly not how we would have liked things to pan out.


I can confirm that if your device was subsidized under our grandfathered FLEXtab option, then you would have the ability to transfer any remaining subsidy balance over to the person who is taking responsibility of your wireless services. However, if you purchased your device through our financing option, you cannot transfer your remaining financing balance to another customer and you would be responsible for paying off the remaining financing balance once the change of ownership has been completed. 


If there was a misunderstanding regarding the above options and it was a financing option that you were on, you may want to consider transferring the wireless services back under your name so you may continue paying off the device on a monthly basis (if this works better for you). 


I hope this helps clarify the matter and we appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your inquiry!





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