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Should Rogers/Yahoo add 2FA (2 Step Verification) ?

I plan to stick around

I really don't understand this. You hear it in the news quite often about different organizations and their accounts being compromised.  And even after all of that, Rogers/Yahoo STILL hasn't implemented 2FA. I remember years back asking about it and all they keep saying is they will send feedback. We all know the cost of everything has gone up and we are always told it's to improve service... like many of you, I have had my stuff compromised before. It's such a stressful time that takes weeks/months to get over. 


So while Hotmail, and Gmail and so many other websites offer 2FA it boggles my mind how a major telecommunications company like Rogers, partnered with a huge company like Yahoo that's been around forever aren't making this happen. Telus has it for logging into your online profile.


I just don't understand it. It's 2021, and 2FA is just something you'd expect from any company this size.

I just went to change my password to see how easy it would be and all you need is DOB and answer to a security question which the question was familiar but I couldn't find anywhere to change it.



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Re: Should Rogers/Yahoo add 2FA (2 Step Verification) ?


Hello @kevinf2015,


Hopefully, this message finds you well!


The safety and security of our customers is definitely of great importance to us. We really appreciate the feedback and will pass it along for review and consideration. 🙂


Thank you,




Re: Should Rogers/Yahoo add 2FA (2 Step Verification) ?

I plan to stick around
It will never happen. Its the same response you always get. I'm referring more to yahoo email but also online account access.

There's enough money you'd save by preventing fraud especially with expensive phones and protecting customers from unauthorised email access.

Its 2021 I have no idea how when your security team are in meetings upper management doesn't make this happen. Starting today I'm gonna stop using Yahoo email. It isn't safe as it should be.

Re: Should Rogers/Yahoo add 2FA (2 Step Verification) ?

I've been here awhile

For the second time in two months my rogers email has been hacked into and my password changed by the intruder...  without any notification to me. 
I looked for the ability to add two factor authentication to prevent this from happening after my email was first hacked a month ago.  Apparently Yahoo offers this capability but Rogers has chosen to not add this to their security options.  I will be getting rid of my Rogers email, I need one that I can secure.  Rogers should wake up to the need for this, it is grossly negligent that they don't provide it.

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