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Rogers slipping service

I've been here awhile

I almost never post about company experiences or leave reviews good or bad because I frankly don’t care enough to do so unless something is so incredible or so abjectly awful that I feel almost a responsibility to do so.

Unfortunately for Rogers, it was the latter, I was a Rogers customer for almost 22 years and for much of that time the service was about as good as you could expect from a telecommunications company. But the last year or two it’s completely deteriorated, it’s been an absolute nightmare dealing with them. Being passed around from dept to dept, live chats with customer service reps that are abruptly ended when they can’t resolve my issues, and I save all chat logs and even the chat logs they send you the text is basicaly the same colour as the background so you can’t even read it unless you highlight, which tells me they don’t want people reading chat logs after the fact. I could honestly go on for days with complaints related to their service. But eventually it became too much and I cancelled by service in favour of another service provider and ever since Rogers has been blowing up my phone so I finally answer and it’s a member of their “win back” team who basically waste 20 minutes of my time pumping me for info about why I left (which I provide in hopes my input will improve other people’s service) and they hook you for this info by saying they’re going to give you an incredible deal and when the offer comes it was so underwhelming it was quite frankly insulting. Their incredible deal was $5 more a month then I’m currently paying for the same data and phone services. And the network I’ve recently moved to has far better coverage then Rogers for areas I frequent in Canada, so they are basically asking me to pay more for less and this is their idea of winning unhappy long term customers back. Even then I try to work with them and give them an opportunity by suggesting I’d possibly consider the worse for more deal they were offering if they could give me a good deal on a phone but all they can offer (unless I agreed to their upfront edge phone leasing scheme) is basically the same offer any random person could get on their website… Again absolutely insulting and then they go and double down on the insult by offering $100 bill credit which is a joke to me.

Another absolutely awful experience with Rogers even after I ended my business with them, then I give them the time and opportunity and also provide them with information and feedback in good faith, and even still they waste my time and insult me with less for more offers.

It was such an awful experience I felt compelled to come here, sign up and write this novel because that’s how bad it was. And I’m sure they’ll just go and delete this which is why I’ve screenshotted it so that if they do I’ll take the time to plaster it all over social media just to share my experience, and I’ve got lots of funny chat logs displaying this awful customer service to corroborate my accounts. I’m sure they would be a great laugh for people.

Anyway that’s my experience with Rogers from a guy who had been a customer since 2003.


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Re: Rogers slipping service

I'm here a lot

It is bad.

I just wanted to repost a spam text(7726). I do get a lot. 

"Couldn't send message" error repeatedly.
Called *611,  menu gives on *611 gives me , technical support (2), (active sim, help with phone , any other (4) but then if I need with internet/tv, home phone or medical. No choice for mobile. ?!
Got on chat.... I am 21 in line. Yeah right. I have nothing better to do than jump hoops.

Re: Rogers slipping service

I've been here awhile
Update: They once again called and bugged me today with the exact same pitch as yesterday, to the point where I was able to tell todays agent the exact questions she was going to ask me before she even did. It’s like they don’t even take feedback into account and just keep hounding you endlessly. I kindly asked to never be contacted again.
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