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Rogers Unison and Call Forwarding

I'm Here A Lot

Well looks like I'm in a catch 22 with Unison.

Unison makes it very difficult if not impossible to easily call forward from my cell phone. You have to use the web site to enable/disable call forwarding. No MMI codes allowed from the keypad.

To overcome this you need to unsubscribe from Unison but here's the catch. To keep device protection it will cost more if you don't have Unison.

So, to save about $10/month per phone I have to keep Unison.

Not impressed in the least.




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Re: Rogers Unison and Call Forwarding


Good evening @kgehring,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


You are right, Unison customers do have to use the user portal or the Rogers Unison mobile app to access their forwarding options. Have you tried the Rogers Unison mobile app? You may find that convenient in comparison to the portal. 


If you require technical assistance with the feature you can reach out to our Rogers Unison Technical Support Consultants at 1-866-727-2141. For Live Chat or to use the Get a Call Back feature please visit the Rogers Unison page






Re: Rogers Unison and Call Forwarding

If you mean the Unison app that doesn't work, hasn't been updated for over a year and when used it tells you to uninstall it and go to the web portal. Yes I tried. 

So, bottom line is I have to take 5 minutes to do something that took 5 seconds. All because I have to keep Unison to avoid an extra charge on my cell bill.



Re: Rogers Unison and Call Forwarding

Depending on what kind of Unison Subscription/ phone make & model you should be able to use the star code.


-Dial *72  and wait for IVR announcement - followed by inputting the number on your dial pad and # sign to enable.

-Dial *73  and wait for IVR announcement  to say Call Fwd. has been deactivated successfully.










Other options are : 


Bookmark and create shortcut on main screen on your smartphone to the Unison website and to speed up things have your phone remember password with your fingerprint :


You may also be able to use the phone's built in menu:


iOS phones - How to enable/disable Call forwarding from the built in menu.

Android- Samsung -  How to enable/disable Call forwarding from the built in menu.


Hopefully one of the options works out for you..

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