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Rogers Overcharged on Final Invoice

I've been around

I've been having a really difficult time with Rogers and their Customer Service.


I closed my account in early November, and was sent a final bill. On that bill I was charged for services beyond the date my service ended, as well as an unreturned equipment box. 


After two hours on the phone and two on chat, I was finally able to reach someone who reversed the services charges for dates after my service ended, and they were able to miraculously find the previously 'unreturned' equipment box.


Shortly after I checked my bill, and I owed $0 (not included the equipment box, of which Rogers owes me $120). Today I checked again, and the service charge is back on there. I tried to speak to customer service through the chat, but their 'system' wasn't working as soon as I asked them what the problem was.


Has this happened to anybody before, and will I be charged interest if I don't pay the bill due on December 13th. 




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Re: Rogers Overcharged on Final Invoice


Hi @cancrowe,


Welcome to the Community!


This could happen if the equipment info or any account changes are not updated in time before an invoice is generated. Please let us know if you're still looking for bill support!





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