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Renewal of Rogers services

I've been around

Required to transition to Rogers ignite TV & internet from digital.  Monthly price for a new customer for their popular Ignite bundle is 149 (incl 3 add-ons ) .  This package , however, is not available to me. Despite being with Rogers for 30+ year, customer retention offered me the same bundle at  $174/month + taxes,  After 2 years , the new customer would pay 189 (plus any increases)  but  I,  an existing customer,  would pay 229 (plus any increases). It was the best that they could do.


Really? Why would you treat a new customer better than your current? Why would you treat your current customer base like they are second class?

Yes, it will be inconvenient to make a change, but  I might as well go to someone who wants my business.  


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Re: Renewal of Rogers services

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Greenoaks : This issue has been discussed numerous times on this forum.  Roger provides introductory (loss leader, or promotional) pricing for new customers for a limited period of time. Those customers will then need to pay the "regular" pricing thereafter.  Rogers cannot afford to give that pricing to all their customers since they would then make no profit, which corporations need to stay in business.


If you wish to go to the trouble of switching providers every year or two to get promotional pricing, then feel free.

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