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Purolator shipping labels

I've been here awhile

I’ve gotten two shipments from Rogers where the Purolator has my name formatted in a funny way.

Where the name should say, for example: “John Doe” says instead: “John, Doe” with a comma between first and last, like it would be formatted “Doe, John” if it was supposed to be Last, First.

I called Rogers and they said my name is correct on my account, names are not reversed on account, but I'm curious if other’s recent Purolator labels have displayed like that with the comma between the first and last names.

Not sure if my name is incorrect or backwards in their shipping system or if it’s all linked centrally in their main system and it’s just a formatting issue. I’m suspecting and hoping it’s the latter but curious if others have noticed the same on their packages from Rogers.


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Re: Purolator shipping labels


Good day @WSih,


Thanks for posting to the Rogers Community! We appreciate you took the time to let us know about your situation. 


We're happy to know you actually received the two shipments sent from Rogers, even tho your name was formatted in an unusual manner on the shipping label.


To obtain more details on Purolator's punctuation and name display practices, please reach out to them directly


We unfortunately wouldn't have the ability to provide a specific explanation since we can confirm your name appears correctly on your Rogers account.


Hope this helps!



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