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Proof of Purchase

I've been here awhile

I have lost my phone and working with likewise to claim my phone. I received order agreement online which does not have IMEI of phone but have my name , device , purchase amount and proof of purchase I received with shipping box does not have purchase amount of phone. Insurance company is declining both my documents. Its been month i am working with rogers to get this but they don’t reply with my request and they send me same proof of purchase that I received with shipping box. I have only few days to work with insurance otherwise i will not get my phone back . Please help me




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Re: Proof of Purchase


Hello @AS93,


Welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear about your phone, I hope you've reported it lost so it cannot be used by an unknown party. I can understand the urgency in this matter. Have you had a chance to escalate to Likewize Tier 2 Support? You can do so by speaking to Likewize customer service. The tier 2 team typically responds within 2 business days.


Please keep us posted on the outcome. 





Re: Proof of Purchase

I've been around

I already contacted Tier 2 support but I am still not getting anywhere I don't expect this kind of customer service for anyone, I have been contacting them for past month every day and still I am getting nowhere. They create an escalation and document checker will reject it, I can not connect to document checker, for proof of purchase I contacted rogers like 30 times no answer for them, and tier 2 support is getting me nowhere with this.

Is there anything else, I should be doing differently?


Re: Proof of Purchase

I've been here awhile
I am totally agree with you i have been doing same neither rogers or like wise is helping out. All they say is we have escalated this and thats it then you don't hear from them. I don’t understand if rogers don’t have the document insurance company needs they why are they charging us for.

Re: Proof of Purchase

Hello @Jaygajera & @AS93,


Thanks for sharing your experience with us. If you have already provided the necessary documentation to Likewize and escalated the matter to Likewize Tier 2 support but have not heard back from them within a reasonable amount of time (minimum of 2 business days), I would suggest contacting the Rogers Customer Care team to see if they can investigate this further to find out what the hold up is.


You can reach a Rogers support agent by phone at 1-888-764-3771, 7 days per week from 7am-midnight (EST). Please advise them of all the steps you have taken to get this matter resolved so they can try to escalate it further.


Kind regards,



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