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Phone number lost during port in process due to technical issue

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Rogers on Nov. 24, I switched 4 business mobility lines to rogers . Due to errors by Rogers staff (this problem was not caused by telus), one of my phone lines sat unassigned in the Rogers network and was not useable for 8 days. I made in excess of 20 phone calls and spent over 30 hours on hold to fix this issue. Your billing department is offering 50 bucks as compensation. Given the multiple errors Rogers staff made, 50 bucks is an insult. I have written a 3-page document and posted it to Rogers Share a Concern highlighting the other problems that happened and have not gotten any communication back. Is anyone going to be responding to what happened with the port of my phone lines from telus to rogers ? There are detailed notes on my account from your port fallout team explaining: this is was a technical issue with the rogers network.



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Re: Phone number lost during port in process due to technical issue


Hi @coachdave,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your first post! We appreciate the feedback you have provided with sharing your most recent experience. If you have escalated it through the Share a Concern link then someone will be in contact with you from your selected preferred contact method. 


Thank you.


Re: Phone number lost during port in process due to technical issue

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I'm just curious but what makes you think this issue isn't potentially caused by Telus? This wouldn't be the first time I have seen issues with ports from Telus to other providers, one of which involved a friend of mine trying to leave them years ago. For a week, she only had outgoing calls from her number because Telus refused to fully release the number, meaning incoming calls were still being routed to Telus.

Ports can be complicated sometimes. Especially if these ports are done at a third party relatil store, like T-Booth. In some rare cases, some numbers are not portable.
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