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I've been around

Tried today to pay at store..told outside on sidewalk thru PA that it would be 25 min wait. I could not wait….then called when got home on 611 line and was told by robot 2 1/2 hrs to 3 1/2 hrs wait. And they suggested a callback which I could not do.I shld not be charged for a late fee when I tried. I could not do it online this month




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Resident Expert

You can make a payment at your bank, however due to processing times, you should do it a few days before the due date to ensure the payment is received on time.


I am not sure why the rogers stores have long wait times? maybe it gets extra busy during the holidays and they do not have the extra staff who wants to work?

Re: Payment

I've been around

Tried to go to Roger's in Orillia ont to pay my phone off. They won't let me do. Have to go on line to do it. Wanted to get help with getting a new screen saver. Nope WE can't help u with that! Used to be able to go in and they'd help u pay your phone, help with repairs. Friendly customer service used to be there. Now Roger's can't be bothered try to help there customers. I deal with 1000s of dollars in cash every day I have no problems doing it. I also worked at the casino starting my shift with 10s of thousands of dollars to serve the customer. Had no problem with it. Roger's need to change the way they customers. I have had 4 family members leave Roger's now. Wondered why! Now I'm starting to see why!!

Re: Payment

Good day @Terrylepard,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! I appreciate you took the time to let us know about your experience.


How to Make a Payment? This transaction is available via self-serve only and it can only be completed online; it’s not accessible over the phone, through live chat or in stores.


I sincerely apologize if you were not aware that our retail locations no longer accept cash payments. Whether you subscribe to online billing or not, the fastest and most convenient way to pay your bill is through MyRogers.


To learn about all the payment methods at your disposition, click here


Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!



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