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No senior discount on landline

I've Been Here Awhile

Why is there no senior discounts??? Grandfather has landline wired to Lifeline therefore no incoming or outgoing calls. Wireless for Lifeline is not an option due to community he lives is Rogers signals are not reliable. Already tried it. Why is there no discounts available??? He did have Home Phone Offer which has ended. And have been told by CSR no discounts available. Very disheartening to hear there is nothing they can do.



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Re: No senior discount on landline


Hello @Granddaughter


Welcome to our Rogers Community Forums and congratulations on your very first post with us! 🙂 I hope you're staying safe and sound. I know firsthand how imperative it is to stay within your budget especially when you're a senior. My parents are seniors as well and have recently just retired. 


If you'd like us to have another look at your account to see what options we can find we'll be happy to do so! Feel free to send us a PM via @CommunityHelps and we can certainly take a look into this for you. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog






Re: No senior discount on landline

I've Been Here Awhile

Sadly I just spent hours on the phone with Rogers myself it was beyond frustrating.  They no longer offer discounts for seniors or loyalty (longtime 20+ year Rogers customers) nor do they offer bundle discounts.  I spoke to 3 different people today myself 2 on the phone, one in live chat.  None would forward to me supervisor as I asked "they are not working today".  I would see what other options are out there from Live Line.

Re: No senior discount on landline

Tried Rogers again as instructed by 'Share a Concern' and still being told NO DISCOUNTS FOR SENIORS FOR LANDLINE after sitting on hold for awhile. The CSR suggested wireless home phone.. I guess he didn't understand or cared as to why this 92 yr old senior on a fixed income still has a landline. As explained couple times in regards to unreliable Rogers wireless signal in our area was told wireless his his suggestion and that is what he can do for me. As no one has landlines any more so no discounts being offered. He was receiving the 'Home Phone Offer' which saved $30 a month. So why can this offer not be extended???? Very frustrating!!!!

Re: No senior discount on landline

@Granddaughter wrote:
Tried Rogers again as instructed by 'Share a Concern' 

Actually, you were asked to PM @CommunityHelps in post 2 of this thread.  Did you do that?  They can sometimes help while other CSRs cannot. No guarantees, but I've found them to be quite helpful in the past.  What you get is often related to other services that you have with Rogers so that a "bundle" is sometimes possible

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