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Legacy Digital TV Plans, Internet Packages

I plan to stick around

I'm still on the legacy digital TV and looking for a price list including what channels and theme packs are available. Don't see anything on just Ignite and the Basic Plan.  Other than seeing a charge on my bill, there's no way of knowing. 


I'm on a legacy 500 unlimited plan home internet plan (Not ignite). Is there a price list that sets out the prices for the various legacy home internet plans.  


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Re: Legacy Digital TV Plans, Internet Packages

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Not available publicly, no.

Why would Rogers publish price lists for products they no longer sell?

Re: Legacy Digital TV Plans, Internet Packages

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the pricing of theme packs and channels for digital cable are still on click on shop, click on tv and streaming, scroll down til you see learn more about ignite tv click on it, scroll the page down to the bottom where you will see basic tv, click on it, the themes are the same for all cable packages. for new digital tv customers, only the starter is available with those theme packs and channels. which cable package do you have? you can have select, popular or premier, i can tell you what comes in each one.

Re: Legacy Digital TV Plans, Internet Packages

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As @digitalcox  pointed out, the Digital TV Theme Packs are listed online as addons to Basic TV.

To get an official listing of the channels that are available in Select, Popular, or Premier (or Customer Choice or Mix Pack if you have that) you can send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps  and request a channel listing for your postal code... and they will, in turn, send that to you as a PDF file.  They can also generate comparison channel lists that will allow you to compare a legacy Digital TV package with an Ignite package.  You can also ask them about package pricing and what your available options are for changing packages.

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