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Lack of Customer Service

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Rogers won’t help users. I get a text every month saying they have received a payment from me. I no longer have rogers…….they refuse to stop sending the text……they say I am not the account holder so I can’t update the account……..they won’t tell me who the account holder is so I can have them remove the text….extremely frustrating.


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Re: Lack of Customer Service

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Rogers should not be allowed to have your phone tied to any account that you haven't authorized.

A lot of payment messages by text and email are fake. They try to get you to respond and fool you into giving them personal information.

However, if you call the main Rogers phone number and it actually recognizes you as a current subscriber, mentioning the last few digits of the active account number, and what services it's connected to, well then, you caught Rogers with its pants down ... Unless perhaps your account was closed within the last 3 months (and that's why it appears to be open, even though it's hopefully closed.

You can also try logging into the account to see if the person was dumb enough to use your same email address. If so, you can just click that you forgot your password, if your old one doesn't work.

You can also call the Rogers main phone number and if it recognizes you, select tech support to see if there are any open tickets, that you could listen to.

You can cause a lot of problems for Rogers if your phone number is tied to an actual account.

Plus, what if Rogers is somehow billing you for extra services that are not being paid, and then eventually sends the unpaid portion of the bill to a collection agency that keeps calling you for payment.

You can contact the Rogers Fraud dept, and also get in touch with the CCTS and file a complaint if your phone number is not removed. But that's only if your phone number is actually part of a current account. If it's not, the texts are most likely take, and hopefully harmless.


You should also try calling Fido (also part of Rogers Communications), to see if your phone number is recognized by its system. Perhaps a Shaw migration customer also got your phone number added to their account in error. The possibilities are endless.

Good luck.

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