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Issues with Our Service

I've been here awhile

We are with the Rogers Ignite 150 - Unlimited plan (stated on the bill) with Rental of Gigabit WI-FI modem.   

We have experienced dropping of wi-fi since October/November. 

After opening tickets,  exchange of a modem, and Rogers looked at wrong tickets, keep on texting us that issue is not fixed yet, etc.... Finally a technical came to 'fix' it, came to check inside the house for connect an fix the outside saying it is a signal issue.  

But the problem persists. We called again, we were told that we don't have the right modem.  They said since we are not Ignite, they can not guarantee connection.  On the bill, we are paying for Ignite 150 and the Modem rental was offered by Rogers.  What does it mean by not 'Ignite'. 

The suggestion is we should upgrade our modem to get better (yet not guarantee) service and pay for upgrade to fix whatever change they might have done to the network which causes the change of performance.     

They were not able to tell us why suddenly the connection became unstable.  I believed during end of 2020, I heard many people having same issue with Rogers, when i listen to the radio, even one of the Radio host said he had to boardcast with his phone.  There must be a reason for such a drastic change to the service.  


The worst is that if we 'upgrade' to whatever they suggested, all our TV won't work, and a new package is required, If we do upgrade until we find alternative provider, we will do it without TV.  




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Re: Issues with Our Service

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Fawkes711  If the (legacy) Rogers Internet service in your area is unstable, "upgrading" to Ignite Internet will not fix any of those problems.  It uses the same underlying technology; you just get a different modem.  If Rogers recommended that you switch to Ignite Internet to resolve technical issues with your Internet service and your service did not improve, then I would (politely) ask that they waive the "Express Install" fee and provide you with additional compensation for the service issues that you have been experiencing, and for you (pointlessly) having to go out to return your old equipment during a pandemic.  (Hopefully Rogers will not also charge you with a "late return fee" because they were slow in processing your modem return.)


The @CommunityHelps  team may be able to assist you further.  Try sending them a Private Message.  (And please be nice.  They are a great group of people and they will also certainly understand your frustration.)

Re: Issues with Our Service

I've been here awhile

Two weeks ago, we had the first technical inspected lines inside my house and said there's no issue, the issue was outside signal. So, he fixed outside, I trusted his work and didn't ask what he did to fix. 


Issues remains and even worst.  We were fed up and called to cancel TV and Phone.  We were offered a deal to stay and was transferred to tech support who detected signal problem with the CABLE outside. 


A second technical came to inspect the situation.  The claim was the wire outside was damaged by previous technician and the left over wire was too short to reconnect.  A temporary new wire was installed.  The technician told us that this only solve the problem of the wire which I am not sure if it is the real cause of intermittent signal. 


However, he said Rogers put a block at the street box for my house and that is probably because of noise. So, we will not get smooth signal, and the only resolution is to install Ignite internet and TV.   We tried to connect and it took us 5 minutes without getting a signal.   We told the technical and I tried my phone to connect to wifi and it was successful.  He left and right after he left, we lost internet, TV and Phone all together.  We were connected for 2 seconds and then disconnect.  


At the same time, our neighbor said their internet  wasn't working, they were told that it was caused by us cancelling internet and technical had to come fix their problem.  After the technician fix their internet, they lost their phone signal.  On the same day, we had to many interruption, and the router had no light at all and need to be reset. 


We called technical support right away to report  the issue and questioned  why there's a 'block' of our line,  there's no record of the block on file.   


So, we have been downgraded from ' intermittent ' to 'NO' signal.   We have been out without Internet, TV and Phone until the next available appointment.  

Every time a technical trying to 'fix' thing, it got worst.    We are waiting for the 3rd technician, we have nothing right now, can it get any worst? 










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