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Installation fee hassle

I've been around

Recently switched to Rogers and was excited about the great deal and services offered. Was promised waved installation fee. My set up got pushed and I waited weeks before they finally got us hooked up. Got my first bill and it was double what I was promised. Did a chat in the app and was told it would be fixed on next bill but that I HAD to pay it in full and it would be refunded next bill. I said noway. So I payed what I owed minus installation.
Got next months bill still had installation charges plus now a late fee payment. Had to call them this time. Promises that it would be fixed within a week. Installation plus late fee removed.
Received an email the next week saying my service would be suspended if not paid in full (I only owe the installation fee) called again
Lady was rude and didn't say sorry or have an care about how annoying this all is. Said is was processing and will reflect on my next bill. Also said it was just the installation not the late fee which just made me mad.
Why do I have to keep calling and nothing is changing. My options on Rogers isn't great. What a way to be introduced to a new company.




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Re: Installation fee hassle

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

My parents protest Rogers too by refusing to pay their bills.  I told them thats the worst that they can do, it will screw up their credit and they will be sent to collections.  Just pay it and settle it with a manager

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