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Installation Fees not Credited under Bulk Agreement as promised

I've been around

Our Condo corp has a Bulk Agreement for Ingnite Bundle with installation fees waived.


This is what the Rogers letter to residents stated:

"Important: If you book your services by November 15, 2021and receive any install fee notifications on
your residential service agreement, please disregard these fees as Rogers will be automatically crediting
your account for this charge. After November 15, 2021, install fee charges will apply and will not be


I booked and installed before the cut-off - however, the fees have been charged and not been credited to my accounts and reminder fees are rolling up / Rogers collections department is now chasing me. 


Raised this with Live Chat 2x - so far no credit issued.


Anyone  has a similar experience / know a way to get this resolved?

Its very annoying and it seems my Internet and TV service will be suspended if I do not pay.

How can I get the attention of Rogers to resolve this?




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Re: Installation Fees not Credited under Bulk Agreement as promised


Good evening and welcome to the Community @TedScheidegger,


You've come to the right place! I can imagine how inconvenient billing issues can be. I appreciate the details you've provided so far, at times we have offers where a credit is typically applied on the 2nd or the 3rd invoice. I can best address your concerns once I have access to your account. 


Please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps for further assistance. You can learn about our PM system here.


To avoid collection activity or late payment fee, it's always best to pay the balance in full. 




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