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Huge price increase on my bill

I've been around

Today I received my bill. It went from 163 to 244 and won't lower it back down to the original. Am I going to need to go to Bell?



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Re: Huge price increase on my bill

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Your bill most likely rose because you had a promotion that expired.

You probably will not be able to get the same discount, but it's worth reaching out to @CommunityHelps to see if there are any new promotions that can knock some cash off your bill.

Re: Huge price increase on my bill

I've been here awhile


I am wondering why my bill went up to $175 to $212. I was told  that my discount will continue after Feb 9 2022. and  i am on odsp I think there is a mistake someplace.  I was saving each month $68 dollars each month an now i am only saving only $39.00. Please help me out here. I contacted Rogers last month and I was chatting with someone name Tom and He said that my disability discount will continue. I was saving 30 percent on my products that i have on my account. Please take alook at my account please. Thank you for your time.



Re: Huge price increase on my bill

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Resident Expert

No one can help you with this, on this forum itself, because it requires personal information, which should never be posted in public.  You should therefore PM @CommunityHelps as mentioned earlier.  If you're not familiar with Private Messaging, please see instructions in the following link:


You can also click on the hyperlink for @CommunityHelps and then click "send a message" at the top right.  You need to be logged in first.

Re: Huge price increase on my bill

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Resident Expert

your promotion likely expired and now your getting the proper in-market price. This is the actual price to deliver such services to you, if  your happy with the services you should be happy to pay the suggested retail price,  a promotion is like a sale at a store, when butter goes on sales its cheap, but  sometimes when you want to buy butter its not on sale and you have none at home you still must buy it and pay the suggested retail price even though it costs more, this is how cellphone and residential plans are unfortunately. you can ask if any promotions exist, if not, then that is the price to pay even other companies follow this model

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