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How to avoid any roaming charges like when I was on Shaw Mobile?

I've been here awhile

When we were on Shaw with pay as you go data (no plan) there was no roaming outside of Canada unless you purchased an add-on. So no fees.


With Rogers now it seems like there is no way to avoid roaming fees outside of Canada except that US and Mexico has no fees. I realize I can turn off Data Roaming, but I will still get hit with Call/Text roaming fees.


When I travel overseas, it seems like the only way to avoid Rogers network connection roaming fees is to either remove the SIM or change the network from Automatic to Rogers?


This seems crazy, is there anything I can have set up in my account so there is no roaming fees like it was with Shaw? Like 99% of travellers, I use a different SIM rather than pay Canada's outlandish roaming fees, so I can't just keep it in Airplane mode.




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Re: How to avoid any roaming charges like when I was on Shaw Mobile?


Hello @scaredofr0gers,


Firstly, welcome to the Rogers family and I can promise you that there is nothing to be scared of--we are here to help in any way we can. 🙂


Just to clarify with you, is your mobile service currently on a prepaid or post-paid account? 


If you have one of our Shaw to Rogers migrated mobile plans that include coverage while in U.S + Mexico, then there will be no roaming charges while using your plan in these destinations. As long as you use your plan (talk, text, and data) the same way you would as if you were in Canada, then you'll be just fine. 


I do want to point out that none of the Shaw to Rogers plans include Roam Like Home, so Pay Per Use charges will occur for any locations outside of the US and Mexico. There isn't a way to avoid this, unless you keep your device in Airplane mode, with your mobile data disabled. If you would like to use WiFi, you can remove Airplane mode and just keep your mobile data disabled. ** Please avoid making or receiving calls while on WiFi, as this may result in roaming fees. 


Also, if you decide to completely remove the Rogers SIM card while travelling, and replace it with a foreign SIM card to use, then you wouldn't need to be in Airplane mode and wouldn't be charged any roaming since you wouldn't be able to connect to the Rogers network without the SIM being active and in use. 


I hope this helps! 🙂






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