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Getting a hold of a live person to cancel services

I've been around

I have been trying to get a hold of someone at Rogers, for now, 3rd week, and each time I call, wait times have ranged from 2+ to 4 hours.

I have never seen such horrid service. This is beyond ludicrous.

They keep raising service fees but continue to offer less and less. So much for their advertising. They make all these promises which are complete non-sense.


I am hoping someone from Rogers reads this and reaches out to me ASAP.


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Re: Getting a hold of a live person to cancel services

I plan to stick around

This might sound like a stupid question but i'll ask it anyways - when you call do you press the # to cancel service(s)??
If you've been calling the last 3 weeks as you say, it's been Black Friday deals galore - i've heard that they move some of the people from less busy departments (eg. cancellations) to help with the overflow of people calling in for deals.

Best to call in right at 7AM or after 10:30PM - you should have better luck at getting someone fairly quick - especially at 7AM!

Re: Getting a hold of a live person to cancel services

I plan to stick around

You are not alone. I have tried to cancel my service now for FOUR MONTHS. When you chat, they say you have to call. This, after signing in to your secure account. They say this is for 'security reasons'. Does this mean the account is NOT secure? One presumes their logic says as much. Next, you call, and yet they do not answer. They WILL not answer. Or, the "callback between 3-4 minutes stretched into 2 hours until you finally hang up. I have already reported this to the CCTS and CRTC . Meanwhile, interesting times indeed.

Re: Getting a hold of a live person to cancel services

Good evening,


I realize the wait times are less than ideal lately. If you require account or technical support please reach out to us via PM  @CommunityHelps for further assistance. Please check out this blog to learn more about our private message system.





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