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Free Disney+ Promotion if I already paid for a year of Disney+

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I paid for an annual subscription of Disney+ in December of 2021, I just got an offer from Rogers for a free year. Is there a way to combine the offer with my current plan to extend it an extra year? 

For example, since I paid Disney+ directly for a full year of service in December 2021, if I subscribe now in February 2022 via Rogers promotion will that extra time be added onto the end of my current Disney+ subscription resulting in me effectively have service until December 2023 without paying anything?



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Re: Free Disney+ Promotion if I already paid for a year of Disney+


Hello @ImmutableObject,


Thanks for joining us here in the Rogers community! This is actually a great question and one that I personally haven't come across as yet! 🙂


I did review the details of the Rogers Disney+ offer and it does indicate the following:


"If your existing Disney+ subscription is directly with Disney, it will be paused once you subscribe to Disney+ through Rogers. If you cancel your Rogers Disney+ subscription, your paused subscription will resume and you will be billed by Disney+ directly."


Now, I'm not certain how it would work when it comes to someone who has an Annual subscription to Disney+. It seems like it will still pause on Disney's end, however, I don't know if it will later resume from the point where you left off (eg: month 6 of your annual subscription) or if you will lose out on the paid months that you were not using the Annual subscription with them. 


Your best bet would be to check directly with Disney+ to verify how this would play out. I couldn't find an answer to your question on their FAQs page but you can click here and scroll to the bottom to view their contact options. Hopefully, they can clarify how it works. 


Feel free to share any updates with the Rogers community! 🙂



Re: Free Disney+ Promotion if I already paid for a year of Disney+

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Any updates on this?
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