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EXTREMELY unhappy with Likewize Device Protection

I've been here awhile

The insurance company contracted by Rogers is utterly useless. They are unprofessional, lie and do not work at resolving any sort of issue. 


I has my phone stolen on December 29, 2022. Stolen from my table while out. the venue, and the company i was with all were helping deal with the situation that night. 


The following day I went into Rogers, dealt with a manager at the store (who was friendly and helpful). As he called Rogers and had my stolen phone blacklisted, I called Likewize to start my insurance claim. 


First, my claim was rejected because Likewize had the wrong policy on file for me. It took 3 phone calls (totaling 3.5 hours) and numerous email to get their mistake rectified. 


I was then contacted and informed my claim was accepted and my phone would be shipped. 

On the day my phone was to be shipped, i received and email that my claim was denied. There was no explanation. I called to inquire, and was advised I would have to call back the following day. I was on the phone for 1.5 hours. 


I called back the following day, was escalated through 4 different people, to only be told someone would call me back within 24-48 hours. No one ever called. After 4 days, I called Likewize back to follow up. After 2 hours on the phone, and reexplaining myself to two different people, I was once again told someone would call me back within 24-48 hours. Again, no one called me back.

Once I again, 4 days after my call I called Likewize back. I had to spend another 2.5 hours speaking to people to be told, ONCE AGAIN, someone would call me back. I explained that the last two times, no one ever called me back, and they assured me that this time, someone would. 

Someone called me back, while I was at work (I work in a hospital) and therefore missed the call. I was left an incredibly rude and ambiguous voice message that explained nothing, and advised me to call back. This was on January 11


I called back right away, and was told I would have to call the following day and there were no managers present to speak with, and the CSR could not escalate my concerns. I called the next day, and again was told i would have to wait for someone to call me back. Again, noone ever did.


Since, January 11, 2023 I have contacted Likewize 9 times. Rogers has contacted them for me as well. I have received no call back, no information about my claim being denied, and no replacement phone. 


I have spent over 26 hours dealing with this issue, and am appalled by the lack of respect, professionalism and thievery of this company.


I CANNOT believe this is the only options for phone insurance with Rogers, and feel completely scammed by this company that will not even call me back regarding a claim and service I pay for. 


The ordeal is actually making think about leaving Rogers (I have been a Rogers client for almost 18 years now), since I cannot understand why they would do business with such an unprofessional and scammer company. 


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Re: EXTREMELY unhappy with Likewize Device Protection

I'm a trusted contributor
All of the negative posts (here and in the Fido forums) about Likewize (previously Brightstar), finally got me curious enough to search the web for more info about a company that I have never used.

If you read the press release about why Brightstar rebranded itself to Likewize, it comes across as a pompous mission statement filled with nonsense such as "advancing the world" ... By basically solving all problems painlessly. Virtually every sentence is filled with shameful hyperbole. In fact, I still think it might be a joke that multiple sites picked up.

Why would Rogers/Fido use such a shameful (but apparently successful) excuse of a company in the first place? Why not? It doesn't answer the phones in a timely manner; it tries to pretend that what it asked you for isn't good enough; or even if it is, Likewize just ignores the reality of the situation until the customer gives up. Sound familiar? It's a match made in heaven. Likewise means to do things in the same, or similar way. If you change the "s" to a "z" you get Likewize. Which means what, exactly? Perhaps the rebrand is designed to simply get former customers of Brightstar, to fall into the same trap, without realizing it.

Since people love to complain, we tend to see more negative posts, rather than positive ones. However, the negative posts about Brightstar/Likewize seem to be helpful warnings about corruption, rather than simply sour grapes. The positive posts seem to be mostly fake news.

Perhaps instead of trying to protect your device wiZely, protect your sanity instead by wisely ignoring Likewize.

The longer Rogers uses Likewize, the harder it might be to tell the difference between the two companies.

Coming soon ... Brightwize ... We fooled you once, then we fooled you twice ... But when we fool you with our next rebrand, the shame will be on the world. 🌐

Re: EXTREMELY unhappy with Likewize Device Protection

I've been here awhile

Thank you for your response and input. I could not agree more. 


The sad thing that I have learnt from this experience, from talking with other Rogers clients, is the heightened level of dissatisfaction and disbelief on behalf  of Likewize customers.   From my discussions on various social media platforms, I have discovered numerous Rogers clients have left Rogers due to terrible experiences with Likewize Device Protection  and immense dissatisfaction. I will probably end up being one of those clients, which is unfortunate, because I have been a Rogers customer for 18 years. 


My issue is that Rogers, as a large corporation, pushes insurance when they sell you a new mobile device. With new iphones being 1400$, and theft being rampant right now in Toronto, I was convince/opted for premium device protection for my new iphone. 

The problem here is that Rogers only has one option for insurance - Likewize. And the company is absolutely atrocious. Rogers has informed me that they do not help with insurance claims, despite being the link between me and Likewize. I have received no support in my incredibly frustrating journey with this unprofessional, unresponsive company. 


Re: EXTREMELY unhappy with Likewize Device Protection

I feel your pain and frustration ! Dealing with a claim since Dec 22 and getting no where. Takes 3 hrs out of my day everytime I call. Been a loyal client 20 + years and now asking why. We have a large family and I hate to move companies but I,  have had it. Paid into said "protection" for years now and the 1 time we use it , this is what we deal with. Can't believe I paid so much for this sad service all these years, really burns me. We have a business also and Rogers just doesn't care. 

Re: EXTREMELY unhappy with Likewize Device Protection

I've been around
Even iam in same situation they are saying me they will call me back what can i do for this .can you please help me in this

Re: EXTREMELY unhappy with Likewize Device Protection

I've been around

I agree Rogers needs to end their contract with the company.  I have been arguing with them for a week.  I pay for Prem Device Protection for my son's Iphone.  It shows on my account that I pay for it but the wrong phone name was entered.  After days of calling Likewise today they said yes you do have protection but until you change the name of the phone we can't help you.  Spent over an hour today with Rogers to change the make and mode.  Called Likewise back and they said sorry your account shows as inactive, and the information changed with Rogers takes 24 hours to show up on their system. I asked what the procedure was to have it fixed once the apparent issue was rectified and the rep was extremely rude to me and said I can't tell you your account is inactive!! Every change you make with Rogers takes 48 hours to show up on their system.  So Monday to Wednesday then to today and now its another 24 hours.  My son's phone is paid for and all I want is the screen fixed which I pay for monthly. I have been a longtime customer of Rogers and have always paid for Prem. Protection and never used it.  The one time I need it this is what happens.  So frustrated right now! On hold once again to Rogers to find out why my account says inactive! Wait time is over 20mins so almost 2 hours of my day back and forth between Rogers and Likewise.

Re: EXTREMELY unhappy with Likewize Device Protection

I'm here a lot
I would have never paid for it, had Rogers told me it was 3rd party insurance 🙄

Re: EXTREMELY unhappy with Likewize Device Protection

I've been around

Worst experience ever! Once I am finished with the lease and “protection” plan on my cell phone, I will never deal with Likewize again! My phone was stolen Oct. 1st. I reported it immediately to my service provider. Since I was out of country, I could not contact Likewize until Oct. 14 to begin the process of getting a new phone. Communication throughout the process was absolutely horrendous! Each time I called back (waited 3 business days each time), I was told to submit another document. At one point I was told my boarding pass was not enough proof that I was out of country! Five phone calls later, I demanded to speak to a supervisor. After a lengthy conversation, it was agreed that a new phone would be sent to me but only after I agreed to pay a $300 deductible plus tax. I asked that they wave this fee or even meet me halfway because of all the time and aggravation I went through to finally get a phone. The supervisor flat out refused. Insult to injury I still had to pay the monthly charge for the lease as well as the protection policy for a phone that did not exist for the month of October. I did not receive the new phone until October 31st. A customer should always walk away “satisfied” that they received quality service, and a business should always ensure customer satisfaction! I certainly did not!
I will never recommend leasing a phone and taking out a protection plan through Likewize. I should have bought the phone outright! I am out at least $500 to replace a phone that I thought was fully protected!
Shame on you Likewize! You do not even warrant 1 star!

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