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Delay in Home Phone Number Change

I've been here awhile

Very bad customer service. My Rogers landline number is being used fraudently by a debtor on the run. On the 14 July I reported this and was given a new number. Wonderful!! Except I'm still waiting for my number to be changed over.
Thinking of going to Bell. I'm fed up with sloppy work and customer service at Roger's.



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Re: Delay in Home Phone Number Change


Greetings @Sherry53,


Thank you for participating in our Rogers Community Forums and congrats on your very first post! We hope you've been keeping safe and well! 🙂


We're disappointed to hear that your latest interaction with us was less than satisfactory--that is not the standard of customer service we strive to provide. I can understand how tedious it would be receive collections calls for someone else and I don't blame you for wanting to have your phone number changed. Once you have requested to change your home phone number to something new, it can take up to 24 hours to go through.


When you make an outbound call to a friend or family member, do they still see your old phone number or do they see the new one? If your old phone number is still showing up, please send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps and we will be more than happy to check into this for you. We want to ensure that your telephone number change has been processed correctly. 👍


For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thank you,


Re: Delay in Home Phone Number Change

I've been here awhile
1 still don't have my phone number switched over. It's been a week now, not 24 hours!!! I've been a good customer with Rogers since 1993. My"new" number I never received is on my intercome, but no one can reach me when they buzz my apartment.
I'm 67 and have a medical team working with me, but can't reach me!!!!!!!
But don't worry about me, I've ordered Bell packages and woo hoo, I can finally have my phone number changed.
May I add a final note here. I called Rogers 3 times about changing my phone number. I tried and Rogers did not.
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