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Customer Service

I plan to stick around

Why are some of your customer service personnel so unhelpful? It’s almost like they are reading from a script and unable to reason/think independently? Pam; Shohaib as examples - both male support (for clarification).
Why are we not able to connect to supervisors or other personnel that are more knowledgeable when the support person at the other end is not able to help one?
I have been with Rogers for too many years to be treated with such lackadaisical service.
I intend to take my business somewhere else. I know this may not mean anything to you on a major level but I need to go where I’m appreciated and welcome. Thank you, Rogers, for nothing.


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Re: Customer Service


Hello, @Adebaba1 


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I can imagine how frustrating this was for you.


We definitely want to assist you with your concern and do our best to resolve it. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps where we can gather your info and get started on this. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries, click here


We look forward to hearing from you.



Re: Customer Service

I've been around

Lousiest customer service you can imagine. Absolutely no respect whatsoever for a customer who has been with Roger's since 1994. General response attitude is "take it or leave it". Well, I will be shopping around for a company which appreciates and likes to keep longtime customers. I don't expect any response. Just wanted people to know that they should continuously shop around and forget about Roger's appreciating them. 

Re: Horrible customer service

Hello @Roberto1946 ,


Thanks so much for visiting us in the Rogers community forums and for sharing your thoughts. First off, I just want to say THANK YOU for being so loyal to our brand for so long... that is almost 30 years that you've been with us! 🤯


The last thing we want is to make you feel unappreciated, as that is definitely not the case. We try to do our best on every interaction we have with our valuable customers and I'm sorry if we dropped the ball. 


When reaching out to us, were you able to get in touch with our Loyalty team? Sometimes, they are able to provide special offers to long-time customers such as yourself, depending on what they have available and what services you have with us. If not, I'd certainly recommend doing so. They may be reached by telephone at 1-888-764-3771 (just follow the prompts and ask to be transferred to this team), or you may chat in using our Live Chat service here


We'd also be happy to have a look at our end if you send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps. I'm just not sure if we'll have the same access to offers that our Loyalty team has, but we'll certainly do our best!


We'd really hate to see you go, so hopefully we can find you a workable solution that meets your needs. 🙂






Re: Horrible customer service

First of all the rogers website really sucks.  There is absolutely not a contact link that works.  Neither phone, live chat or e-mail.  Some sales agent phone me up and gave me a spiel that was so good that I decided to change from Tellus.  They promised a better rate, same phone numbers and I had a 2 cell phone account.  The package arrived. the billing rate was higher, only 1 sim card and my numbers got changed.  I managed to get ahold of 'service' one time and never ever since by phone or anyway else.  I told them cancel everything and I would not be switching.  Same thing, I get new exorbitant bills by email with  the only options being choose a method to pay.  I  would never recommend Rogers for anything after this.  

Re: Horrible customer service

I've been here awhile

Awesome response. Call us, be put on hold for hours with no callback service. 

Re: Customer Service

I plan to stick around

Why does Rogers keep doing this and who do we go to for help. They keep messing up my billing. I have been on the phone for almost 3 hours now waiting to be attended to. It seems all they care about is just taking and taking and taking. The charges don't get cheaper not the service better but, still issues don't get resolved.

Is there no where one can go to make complaints and have those complaints properly resolved. Why do I have to wait for so long to get answers. You are so quick to take money but it's like pulling teeth when it comes to you returning or resolving wrongful or incorrect billing.

I need help. I have been your longstanding customer and never owed a penny. I pay whatever I am charged and now I can see that you have gotten away with some things in the past and now that I am trying to resolve it you have become elusive.

Why won't someone help me please. This is so frustrating and super stressful.

Re: Customer Service

Good evening @Adebaba1,


Thank you for posting and apologies for the late reply!


Thanks for reaching out to us via private message. Don't forget to let us know when you're online so we can carry on with the authentication process and hopefully get to the bottom of this.





Re: Customer Service

What is the point in calling technical support or customer service or even going to a rogers store for seeking help? I have seen a lot of people who are given jobs but they do not have any sense of talking to customers, they stop you right at the door treating you like a suspect? They act like you don't know anything? Treat you like illiterate? I have been struggling with this from a month now and everybody i talk to tells me to talk to another person? No one knows anything to help? I am a technical person with in depth knowledge of devices and computers but as long as it is not written your face, these so called customer service in store or on call and technical support guys will do anything to convince you that you are wrong and they know everything. Why I ask that you guys are ready to sell a new phone and not help later? I purchased a new samsung s22 ultra last year from a rogers store, worked perfectly for almot two years until I received a message saying your phone is due return or pay off the financed amount to keep it. Since that day, it has been a month but my phone network is unstable, dropping every two to three minutes. I have contacted the store I got the phone from but I was mistreated, misled and pushed away to call technical. I called technical, had to disccuss it all for no worth. The guy was so lacking knowledge that he was offering me random options. I have tried everything by myself and as per what I was told but to no avail. Right now I am without a network, my phone is just a toy to play with. Where do I go? Who will answer or help? I did not get rogers service and this phone to go through harrasment. I have lost my trust in rogers. I was a loyal customer. But all thanks to rogers for never coming back to you.

Re: Customer Service

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If a factory reset without restoring any backup doesn't fix it. Return the device and get something else. A lot of s22 series devices have been experiencing the same issues after an update to Android 14 Check XDA Developers and the Samsung Members forums for more people experiencing this issue. Thankfully, I haven't had any issues with my s23 Ultra and I haven't seen any similar issues with the s23 series or the s24 series.
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