Communication Issues

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Communication Issues

Last week I tried to solve my billing issues and my request was transferred to the Advisor, Office of the President. For now, I could call him M., don't want to show his name here. 


Before that, I sent to M. at least 3 emails which were completely ignored. After that, I sent my request to him via customer support, and I just received the reply that he tried to call me... though in my inquiry, I clearly marked email as preferred type of communication. 


After that, I asked him to transfer my case to some other advisor or to his supervisor due to the fact that he doesn't pay attention to my requests. This request was ignored too. He thinks that my issue is resolved - while I have the opposite opinion.


What am I supposed to do now when Rogers employee ignores my inquiry? Is there a way to escalate this to another person, preferably to his supervisor?



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Re: Communication Issues

Hey @much1978.


Welcome to the Community Forums! Sorry to hear that your first post with us is regarding such unpleasant circumstances. It's definitely important to feel heard when having your issue addressed. The department you spoke with is empowered to assist customer's with all manner of concerns related to their service. Though I don't know the details to the issue at hand if you'd like we can email them on your behalf. Feel free to send us a PM @CommunityHelps at your convenience and we would be happy to do so. You can read more about our PM system here.