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Appreciation Bonus Data

I've been around

So I received an offer for 20 gigs of data for 24 months for free just because I'm a loyal consumer. How about since I'm so loyal you make some cheaper plans? I barely use 1 gig of data and the cheapest plan is 15 gig. Then you throw another 20 gigs at me. So I'm drowning in unused data. So I spend 120 a month talking and texting? I'm either loyal or dumb. Back to pay as you go for this guy.


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Re: Appreciation Bonus Data

I've been here awhile

I just received the same offer. It is possible the offer only sent to customers with low data usage. Who knows?! It won’t be the first business does that.

Re: Appreciation Bonus Data

I'm a senior contributor

I was only offered an extra 5GB a month for the next 24 months. I have 150GB of data in my plan before the additional 5GB though.

Re: Appreciation Bonus Data

I received this message from 4901 and claimed it. My rodgers account shows the changes but I’m worried about my data.
Rogers Service Message: Hello Avineer, we're offering you an exclusive 20GB of bonus data every month for the next 24 months, totally free with your current plan. It's our way of showing our appreciation to our most valued customer - that's you!

To claim your gift, simply sign in to your MyRogers account at , find your exclusive present and click "Get this offer". The data bonus will start on your next bill after you accept the gift and will continue every month for 24 months with your current plan.

Re: Appreciation Bonus Data

I'm a senior contributor

Have any of you tried logging into your account without using the link from the text message to see if it is legit?  

Re: Appreciation Bonus Data

I've been here awhile
I can’t even figure out how to claim it. I log in and see no “present” or offer

Re: Appreciation Bonus Data

Hi @Michmc78,


Welcome to the Community!


Did you receive an offer via SMS? Sometimes these offers are specific to a line. Do you have more than one line on your account? If yes, you should check if the offer is appearing under the right line.


Please keep us posted!





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