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Account Still Not Restored

I've been around

I had an issue back in May 2020 where suddenly my phone stopped working and I was unable to call or text anyone. Finally figure out through Rogers online customer service that my account was deactivated (without my permission) and my phone number was moved to a different provider.

Fast forward to eventually getting my phone number back and being told that Rogers would restore my account however every time I log into my account, I see that Rogers still has not reinstated my online account to what is used to be: it's disregarding the fact that I've been a client of Rogers for decades, it doesn't outline the phone currently associated with my account, and for some odd reason, my plan is showing Financing when the phone I currently hold has been well paid off.

I've tried contacting Rogers multiple times to get them to set my old account back up and they still haven't. I feel like I'm talking to a wall and I shouldn't have to be putting all this work in and stressing out because of their mistake and inability to restore my account.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Account Still Not Restored


Hello, @hellangel_901.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! Thank you for your post; I hope you’re enjoying the holidays.


It’s good to know that you got your number back. Now you will receive a text message on your existing number from your current carrier, where you will have 90 minutes to provide authorization for your port number request.


When you log in to MyRogers, under wireless, it shows the plan details, device balance, etc.


Say if you have a 20 GB plan, then you will see Infinite +20 Financing. The word “Financing” is the category of the plan. Meaning, your plan is eligible to finance the devices currently available.


If the device balance is zero and the account got refreshed, then it may not show the previous device linked to your account. I believe your account is in excellent condition, and it will show the device attached to your line when you upgrade your device.




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