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Nextbox 3 HD bug - Scheduled Recording and PIP

I've Been Here Awhile

I use a NextBox 3.0 HDPVR. I have encountered an annoying bug. Here are some steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Schedule a program to be recorded.
2. When the program starts recording, switch the box to another channel.
3. Open up Picture-in-Picture and scroll through the channels. View the channel being recorded for several seconds. Continue scrolling PIP to the next channel.
4. Viewing the recorded channel in PIP will cause the box to abort the scheduled recording.

Is this a known issue?


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Re: Nextbox 3 HD bug - Scheduled Recording and PIP


Hello @Nick68,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!


We can certainly understand how convenient is to use Picture in Picture feature while recording your shows. We would be more than happy to help with this further. I just have a few questions to help pinpoint the issue:


-  Do you recall when this issue first began?

-  Were there any changes made to your equipment or setup?

-  Have you tried rebooting the cable box?

-  Do you have more than one box? If yes, Is the issue happening on the other boxes too?

-  Are you using the Whole Home PVR service?

We look forward to hearing from you.




Re: Nextbox 3 HD bug - Scheduled Recording and PIP

I've Been Here Awhile

- The issue came to my attention several months ago. Not sure when it began. I notice I cannot watch a channel and simultaneously view the same channel in PIP. I assume this is by design or hardware limitation - and may be related to this issue.

- No changes to equipment or setup.

- Box has been rebooted several times manually and for updates.

- Only one box in use.

- Whole Home PVR not used.

Re: Nextbox 3 HD bug - Scheduled Recording and PIP

Hello, @Nick68


Thanks so much for those additional details!


This is the first time we have heard about this issue. We have reached out to our support teams to see if they are able to replicate this issue on their end and provide us with an update about a possible solution.


Once we have heard back from them we will update this thread.


We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention. 



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