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HBO + Movies on demand not accessible

I've been here awhile

Regarding Rogers digital TV, for the past several days channel 309 only accesses Crave on Demand, the HBO + Movies on demand is not accessible --- what's going on?


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Re: HBO + Movies on demand not accessible

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Resident Expert

@jonsp : They seem to have rearranged things. Perhaps it's still a work in progress due to pricing/package changes at Crave.  Check out my post from yesterday. The second last paragraph indicates how you can get movies and HBO content...


Edit 1: Although this worked once for me the first time I tried it today, the second time it did not work. It appears they are rearranging things.  Channel 100 and 309 are different for me today with different tiles.  I guess this really is a work in progress and we will need to determine the new ways to find content. For example 309 now has HBO at the top right for me, which is different from yesterday.


Edit 2: Here's a discussion of Crave Mobile, which may affect "TV" subscribers.  Discussion continues on the page that follows the link below:

Re: HBO + Movies on demand not accessible

I've been here awhile

I checked out your post where you mention about  TV titles being where  "Home Premiere"  is, no sorry that answer is invalid.


Anyway, the bottom-line is HBO + Movies on demand selection is missing and there's no way to access it at present. The selection on channel 309 that we presently see used to be the selection that came up at the bottom of HBO + Movies, when you clicked the box named 'Crave'.  The HBO + Movies on demand had new releases in alphabetical order, had TV series, had movies, had new shows on HBO (Crave on demand still has HBO older shows on demand), had it's own documentary section as well as sports, if I recall correctly.  I still don't understand Roger's Crave 'Just Added' selection, it's never been in alphabetical order, they just dump a bunch of titles on it. Also in the HBO selection presently on channel 309 are the older shows with a very limited and incomplete title selection under 'All-New'.

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